The Computational Biophotonics Laboratory at UNC Chapel Hill develops advanced optical instrumentation for applications in biology, neuroscience and medicine.

Our group specializes in custom optical hardware and computational methods tailored to execute specific tasks, and optimized to best respond to the needs of end users.

Our research strategy moves away from traditional microscopy and computational imaging systems that primarily aim to reconstruct visual renderings of samples. Instead, we propose data-driven solutions that utilize sculpted light and optically encoded signals to monitor and manipulate samples, with innovative designs that maximize the flow of information being exchanged between the sample and the computer.

Our goal is to outperform traditional technologies with miniaturizable and cost effective solutions that best satisfy any chosen performance metric such as the ability to operate in 3D, in large volumes, at high speeds, in real time, or the preservation of biocompatible environments for experiments in sensitive tissue.

We currently offer interdisciplinary research opportunities at the intersection between optics, biology, and computer science and we welcome applications from motivated students and researchers at all levels. Do not hesitate to check out open positions and to contact us.