11/28/2016 - Book Chapter published.

Flow-Scanning Microfluidic Imaging, in Advances in Microfluidics - New Applications in Biology, Energy, and Materials Sciences, ISBN 978-953-51-2786-4 summarizes my Ph.D. research works in microlfuidic microscopy. Open source publication, InTech.

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04/06/2016 - Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering

Compressive light-field microscopy for 3D functional imaging of the living brain.

We present a new microscopy technique for 3D functional neuroimaging in live brain tissue. The device is a simple light field fluorescence microscope allowing full volume acquisition in a single shot and can be miniaturized into a portable implant...

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Commencement SpeechSCIEN research seminar

08/15/2014 - Starting a Postdoc

Moving across the country to Berkeley, CA.

Starting in september 2014, I will be a postdoc and start working on new technologies for brain imaging.

I am moving to ythe bay area for a joint appointment between Prof. Adesnik's lab and Prof. Waller's lab

Bay area

08/05/2014 - Ph.D.

Good bye Princeton

Special thanks to the Imaging Physics Group, and to Prof. Fleischer for five wonderful years.

Ph.D. Thesis, Computational methods for microfluidic microscopy and phase-space imaging

Defense talk

11/19/2013 - Celebrate Princeton Invention

Technology Takes 3-D Images of Living Organisms

Researchers in fields ranging from toxicology to marine biology will be pleased to know that a new microscope is in development, one that produces high-quality 3-D images by observing subjects as they flow through a liquid channel beneath the microscope's lens...

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Photo : Denise Applewhite

06/24/2013 - Dodds honorific fellowship

Research funding for my last year of graduate school

Two EE Graduate Students, Sonika Johri, advised by Prof. Ravindra Bhatt and Nicolas Pegard, advised by Prof. Jason Fleischer received Honorific Fellowships from the Princeton University Graduate School. An Honorific Fellowship recognize outstanding performance and professional promise and represents high commendation from the Princeton University Graduate School...

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Photo : Denise Applewhite

03/22/2013 - Microfluidic Flow-Scanning Optical Tomography


Flow-scanning optical tomography, Lab on a Chip (14), 4447-4450 (2014)

Tomographic Microfluidic Microscopy, 2nd EOS Conference on Optofluidics, (2013)

Microfluidic Flow-Scanning Optical Tomography, Frontiers in Optics (2013)


Flow Scanning Tomography, J. W. Fleischer, and N. C. Pégard
Provisional Patent Application 61-776,970 (2013)

Rotating flow for 3D optofluidic tomography, J. W. Fleischer, and N. C. Pégard
Provisional Patent Application 61-699,003 (2011)

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Princeton Keller Center presentation

07/22/2011 - Ecole Polytechnique Graduation Ceremeony

Filière 4A aux USA

Mon général, Monsieur le parrain de la promotion 2006,Mesdames et messieurs les professeurs, cadres, et dévoués personnels de l'école, Chers parents endimanchés, Très chers camarades...

Il y a maintenant deux ans, une partie de la promotion a fait le choix de poursuivre ses études à l'étranger...

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Commencement Speech

03/3/2011 - Imaging Physics Group is on TV

A video introduction to Princeton University

All you need to know about campus life, research opportunities, life in graduate school, and more...

Imaging Physics Groups on NTDTV

Our lab on NTDTV